Traders Eye $10,000 As Bitcoin (BTC) Steadies Around $7,900

Bitcoin Despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has just shed $300 in under a few hours, breaking under the $7,800 support level yet again, many are still bullish on the cryptocurrency. The fact of the matter is, BTC closed its weekly candle strong (no losses/no gains), leading many to claim that this market is decidedly […]

Bitcoin Stuck In $7,000s: Analysts Claim BTC Could Collapse To The $5,000s

Bitcoin Technicals Hint At Impending Pullback At last, upward momentum for Bitcoin (BTC) has finally begun to slow. During this bout of non-action, analysts across the board have been doing their best to determine what’s next for the cryptocurrency market. And interestingly, many are coming to the conclusion that BTC, alongside its altcoin ilk, will […]

Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Breakthroughs Have Been In Place For One Year: Vitalik

Ethereum 2.0 Ready To Roll Ethereum (ETH) isn’t exactly known for its scalability, despite the fact that it is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in circulation. In fact, during late-2017’s crypto boom, the blockchain was clogged by thousands of transactions pertaining to CryptoKitties, the blockchain collectible fad. However, according to a recent tweet from Vitailk […]

Hyperion launches  cryptographic navigation function on Titan map application

CryptoNinjas Hyperion, a project with a mission to decentralize the map economy, today officially launched a new  cryptographic navigation feature on Titan , a blockchain-based open mapping architecture. The function is now available globally for Android users. Titan navigation shares similar features with Google and… Hyperion launches  cryptographic navigation function on Titan map application

Brian Kelly Talks Bitcoin (BTC) ‘Halvening,’ Gives Portfolio Recommendation

Brian Kelly, CEO of digital currency investment firm BKCM LLC and regular pundit on cryptocurrency, appeared on CNBC to explain Bitcoin’s current run to $8000 and how he imagines the price could rise even further. Speaking with CNBC’s Fast Money program on May 21, the fund manager highlighted Bitcoin’s upcoming ‘halvening’ as a potential multiplier […]

Wipro works with Travacoin to build crypto payment solution for airline refunds

CryptoNinjas Wipro, an information technology, consulting, and business process services company, today announced that it has developed a blockchain-based payment solution for Travacoin, a company specializing in a digital payment system which enables airlines to refund and compensate passengers in a timely manner when… Wipro works with Travacoin to build crypto payment solution for airline […]